Advising clients on being compliant in 73 cities in 38 countries on 5 continents

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Our clients are leading edge law firms; some are members of the global elite group of law firms, members of the UK Magic Circle or other countries’ equivalent, others UK national firms or boutiques. Our skills and expertise are as applicable to large and small, international or national; all our clients are striving to be outstanding in their market.

We aim to help them achieve their goals, in our small way, through helping them maximise the returns on the investments they are making; to reduce costs, improve quality, increase collections or reduce risks. For international clients we allow them to make use of highly internationalised experience and thinking whilst for national clients, they can ensure that their business is able to scale internationally.

If you would like to speak to some of our clients about our suitability for a project you have in mind, please get in touch and we will put you in contact with the most appropriate individual.