: Metastorm

Pinnacle Deploys OPEN Conflicts at Withers

Withers is in the process of moving away from using Metastorm to Intapp OPEN & Flow. It was decided that the first phase of the migration would be to take the Conflicts elements of the new business intake process out of Metastorm as this would have little impact on the fee earning & secretarial communities and so wouldn’t require considerable retraining. Metastorm calls an Integration Builder rule to populate a form in Intapp Flow which is then used to populate an Intapp OPEN Conflicts request. The Centralised Conflicts team clear any conflicts and complete the form with their findings. The form then updates the original Metastorm request allowing the request to continue along its original path. The Pinnacle & Intapp team are now working on replacing the Fee Earner facing Metastorm request elements.