At our core we, like our clients, believe in focus. Focus leads to enhanced expertise which in turn leads to better results for our clients.

We have partnership agreements with two legal technology providers that supply outstanding technology solutions focused on our chosen practice areas:


INTAPP: We have been an Intapp partner for over 3 years. We focus is on Intapp’s Open and Flow products which supports the technology element of our Risk Management & NBI business although we use other elements of their product suite to solve the overall client need. We achieved Intapp OPEN – Certified Services Partner status in June 2015 – making us one of the first UK based Certified Partnesr. As part of our OPEN work we have developed a number of Integration Builder templates and delivered a number of CIDs. Some of the examples of our Intapp OPEN and FLOW work is described under in the News section.

In June 2015 we extended the partnership to include the Intapp Time suite of products. These products are implemented by our specialist Global Time & Billing team.


THOMSON ELITE: Our services partnership agreement focuses on two products – 3E and Elite Design Gallery. We were a key part of the team that deployed the first global 3E implementation. Working for our client but also in partnership with Elite we have helped to develop and enhance the product whilst also developing the implementation methodology and configuration for a global firm. We continue to offer these services to firms that are migrating to Elite 3E. Our services partnership for Elite Design Gallery draws on our extensive experience of creating compliant bill templates for global firms; our expertise in VAT, masking and other elements means that we have an unparalleled expertise in 3E..

Our focus on these two partnerships and the limited product set means that we deliver projects with these tools faster and better than if we were more general technology implementers or developers. It also means that we are closely wired in to the development roadmaps of these products so can influence the direction of the product in ways that benefits our clients.


“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” Tony Robbins